the Best is Noise
“Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise...By listening to noise, we can better understand where the folly of men is leading us, and what hopes it is still possible to have.” – Jacques Attali

At Carrier Records, we believe in progressive music. We believe in sound. We believe in noise. By dissecting noise we more deeply understand ourselves.

The Best is Noise is a monthly free download release featuring artists who are pushing the boundaries of music. We are proud to start off the series with American noise pioneer James Fei. The following months will include tracks by Tom Blancarte, Victor Adan, Glissando bin Laden, and the duo of Peter Evans and Nate Wooley.

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Study on the Rhythmicon #3
James Fei

Tom Blancarte

The Bear Whisperer’s Gavotte
Glissando Bin Laden

Martin Clarke

Horpma - II (radio edit)
Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson

Peter Evans / Nate Wooley

Alex Christie and Drew Ceccato

Work III
Christopher Ariza

Natacha Diels

Three Tapes
Ryan Ross Smith

Alex Ness & Yoni Niv

Live Fixtures